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Re: WMBR alum

Hi Pete,

"Roger the K" moved to the Boulder CO area. I think I heard that he does (or 
did) a jazz (?) show on a non-commercial station out there.

Matt is indeed still around but could no longer devote the personal time to 
his show and other requisite work necessary at WMBR. (That sometimes happens 
with volunteer stations, unfortunately).

I'm back on WMBR since late 1998 after a three-year absence, but on 
Thursdays 12 - 2 PM rather than Tuesdays.

Thanks for the compliment!

Eli Polonsky

>Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 12:37:46 -0400
>From: Shawn Mamros <mamros@MIT.EDU>
>Subject: Re: WMBR alum
>"pete lee" wrote:
> > I am curious what happened to "Roger the K" who had a great > Thursday 
>show on WMBR. Also Matt Starr who had a 6 to 8pm Tuesday > program. At one 
>time I worked 6 1/2 day week with Tuesday afternoon
> > off and loved to listen to Eli and then later Matt Starr.
>Matt still lives in the area; I saw him at the MBR 40th anniversary
>party we had back in April.  Used to love listening to his show, which
>had one of the tougher-to-pronounce names around: "The Molybdenum Vault of 
>Lost Soul Oldies".
>Don't know where Roger is these days; perhaps Eli (who's posted here a
>few times) knows?

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