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Re: WMBR alum

I used to love this show called "The Flame Sessions"
which aired every other Saturday night during the late
1980s. I don't know the guys who did that show, but they
were really funny. They would have different characters
come on the air and stuff. I still have the last show or
two they did on tape. My girlf at the time hated the 
show but I thought it was hilarious. Has anyone else
heard the show?

In a message dated Wed, 10 Oct 2001  9:50:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "pete lee" <sunshine@angelfire.com> writes:

> I am curious what happened to "Roger the K" who had a great Thursday show on WMBR. Also Matt Starr who had a 6 to 8pm Tuesday program. At one time I worked 6 1/2 day week with Tuesday afternoon off and loved to listen to Eli and then later Matt Starr.
> -s
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