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Re: RE: Tower Websites & National Security

Isn't 104.7 licensed to Belfast ME? Isn't that about 30-40 miles from the location you're taking about? How did that signal get to COL?

Jus wunderin'
-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

Tony Randazzo <nova828@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Adam Rivers  wrote:
> Isn't there a big tower near Rt. 3 in Ellsworth,
> behind PAT"S pizza, about a
> mile after Shaw's.. as you go to MDI? And I believe
> I  I saw a tower in the
> Old Town area this summer as well..
>  Kiss 94.5 is in Ellsworth, is that it? I would
> assume the one in the Old
> Town area was for Z107?
Yes, the tower in Ellsworth is either Kiss 94.5 or
Lucky 99, since thier studios are located on the
Buttermilk Road.  104.7 The Bear used to be there as
well, before they moved to Bangor


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