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No Fox affiliate for Bangor

For the latest on WCKD Fox/UPN soap opera check out Bangor Daily News on
line . I have tried several times to e-mail the story  to this group but
no dice. Basically it says that people's egos are getting in the way and
network execs. can't negotiate a new deal and WCKD is stuck with UPN for
five years as per the agreement they signed.  BTW, I checked FCC data
for WCKD and they are indeed classified as an LPTV.

Locally, here on Adelphia Cable Channel 5 is running the Fox National
Feed, although it is still interrupted  with the "Acadia Channel'"
featuring 3 hours of tourist highlights, restaurant and hotel ads and
ferry information which runs three times a day from June-October.

As for Ellsworth tower sites Tony is right. The tallest tower on
Buttermilk Road is at the WKSQ/WLKE studio. That tower used to be for
WKSQ when they were just 3,000 watts on 
94.3 in the late 70's and early 80's. When they moved to 94.5 and
boosted power to 20KW they moved their transmitter to the top of Bald
Mountain, halfway between Ellsworth and Brewer off  Route 1A.  The WLKE
transmitter is located across Frenchmans's Bay in Gouldsboro right
alongside Route 186.

The 2 other towers in Ellsworth referred to are wireless and cell=phone
towers. One is red/white and has been up for a few years. The newer
tower next to Pat's Pizza, installed earlier this year, is unpainted but
with a strobe light on top that can easily be seen here on Mount Desert
Island . That I believe is owned by USCellular.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine