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RE: Tower Websites & National Security

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Tony Randazzo wrote:

> cam) As far is 104.7 being moved, It used to be in the
> same building back when it was owned by Mark Osborne
> and Acadia Broadcasting.  Since Clearchannel bought it
> they moved the studio to the same building as 101.7
> The Fox and The Voice of Maine on Hogan Rd in Bangor.

Uhhhh Tony, didn't you know that there is a Clear Channel law that any
WKIT employee that mentions the Fox will be hunted down and shot?

Seriously though, I hadn't realized that the Bear was also located in the
Hogan Road facility along with WVOM and WFZX..... when did that move into

I thought one of the most amusing things was the fact that Bull Moose
Music and lockbuster video are on the bottom floor of the building where
WFZX, the number one competition to WKIT, is located. It was really
amusing the day during the car giveaway when WKIT was doping a remote at
Bull Moose.

Reminds me of the time in college we were trying to find somewhere to do a
remote and someone asked me if we could do a remote at WKIT. I can hear it
now (89.3-FM, WHSN, Jeremy Mixer here broadcasting live from WKIT on
Broadway where we are giving out hot dogs and soda! Swing on by,m\ there's
enough for everyone....."

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