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RE: Tower Websites & National Security

> <<On Tue, 9 Oct 2001 18:41:45 -0700 (PDT), Tony
> Randazzo <nova828@yahoo.com> said:
> > Yes, the tower in Ellsworth is either Kiss 94.5 or
> > Lucky 99, since thier studios are located on the
> > Buttermilk Road.  104.7 The Bear used to be there
> as
> > well, before they moved to Bangor
> Where the studios are doesn't prove anything.  I
> don't know which
> tower in Ellsworth you're referring to, but I can
> say with some
> certainty that WLKE's tower is not in Ellsworth;
> it's on the next
> ridge of the mainland east of MDI.  104.7 is
> licensed Belfast and I'm
> not aware of it having moved.
> > 

Yes you are correct.  The tower in Ellsworth is not an
actual transmission tower, it is used for microwave
relay of WKSQ and WLKE (And WLBZ's Ellsworth tower
cam) As far is 104.7 being moved, It used to be in the
same building back when it was owned by Mark Osborne
and Acadia Broadcasting.  Since Clearchannel bought it
they moved the studio to the same building as 101.7
The Fox and The Voice of Maine on Hogan Rd in Bangor. 

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