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RE: Tower Websites & National Security

<<On Tue, 9 Oct 2001 18:41:45 -0700 (PDT), Tony Randazzo <nova828@yahoo.com> said:

> Yes, the tower in Ellsworth is either Kiss 94.5 or
> Lucky 99, since thier studios are located on the
> Buttermilk Road.  104.7 The Bear used to be there as
> well, before they moved to Bangor

Where the studios are doesn't prove anything.  I don't know which
tower in Ellsworth you're referring to, but I can say with some
certainty that WLKE's tower is not in Ellsworth; it's on the next
ridge of the mainland east of MDI.  104.7 is licensed Belfast and I'm
not aware of it having moved.

Under the current rules, the official ``main studio'' (which can still
be a sham studio anyway) must be located either within the principal
community contour of the station, or within the principal community
contour of any other station licensed to the same community.  With all
of the full-power stations in that part of Maine there's no shortage
of populated places to put studios.