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RE: Tower Websites & National Security

The bear has been there since before the end of 2000,
actually.  The place can get really wild during the
middle of a weekday.  With 3 stations and a bunch of
salespeople there...

--- Jeremy Mixer <mixer@zoso.net> wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Tony Randazzo wrote:
> > cam) As far is 104.7 being moved, It used to be in
> the
> > same building back when it was owned by Mark
> Osborne
> > and Acadia Broadcasting.  Since Clearchannel
> bought it
> > they moved the studio to the same building as
> 101.7
> > The Fox and The Voice of Maine on Hogan Rd in
> Bangor.
> Uhhhh Tony, didn't you know that there is a Clear
> Channel law that any
> WKIT employee that mentions the Fox will be hunted
> down and shot?
> Seriously though, I hadn't realized that the Bear
> was also located in the
> Hogan Road facility along with WVOM and WFZX.....
> when did that move into
> there?
> I thought one of the most amusing things was the
> fact that Bull Moose
> Music and lockbuster video are on the bottom floor
> of the building where
> WFZX, the number one competition to WKIT, is
> located. It was really
> amusing the day during the car giveaway when WKIT
> was doping a remote at
> Bull Moose.
> Reminds me of the time in college we were trying to
> find somewhere to do a
> remote and someone asked me if we could do a remote
> at WKIT. I can hear it
> now (89.3-FM, WHSN, Jeremy Mixer here broadcasting
> live from WKIT on
> Broadway where we are giving out hot dogs and soda!
> Swing on by,m\ there's
> enough for everyone....."
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