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RE: Tower Websites & National Security

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Adam Rivers wrote:

> Isn't there a big tower near Rt. 3 in Ellsworth, behind PAT"S pizza, about a
> mile after Shaw's.. as you go to MDI? And I believe I  I saw a tower in the
> Old Town area this summer as well..

Hi Adam- I have no idea about Ellsworth , but I am pretty sure that the
Old Towen tower must be for my former workplace (and first radio job that
gave me a paycheck) WBZN- Z107.

>  Kiss 94.5 is in Ellsworth, is that it? I would assume the one in the Old
> Town area was for Z107?

Check out Psychedelic Pine Tree- http://www.mp3.com/PPT
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