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Re: attacks on Afghanistan have begun

Ron Bello:
> Ok, but the issue is news content or lack thereof.
> There is too little NEWS on BZ for an all news station.
> What I and others I spoke to heard on the 11th of Sept.
> was Gary LaPierre using the word "I" much too often.
> Sorry Gary, it was not about you!

I guess it's not P.C. to slap the only station in ole #6 who's at least
_trying_ to be relevant in terms of nx and info.  <but> When I A/B 1030 with
it's sisters in NYC on any given day, it's clear that WBZ is holding onto a
chatty, friendly style, avoiding what we may remember as the former WEEI
(590 Boston) "just give me the news" approach.

WBZ's LaPierre and others are the kind of people that will be long
remembered after they're gone, not for being friendly and folksy, but for
being believable in reporting and for getting dressed for work in the dark
for decades (not to minimize his ability to list every Bay State town in
alphabetical order in two breaths.)

Bill O'Neill