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Re: attacks on Afghanistan have begun

Ok, but the issue is news content or lack thereof.
There is too little NEWS on BZ for an all news station.

What I and others I spoke to heard on the 11th of Sept.
was Gary LaPierre using the word "I" much too often.
Sorry Gary, it was not about you!

  At 12:15 AM 10/8/01 -0400, Donna Halper wrote:
>At 11:57 PM 10/7/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>>I am listening too.
>>In spite of BZ's claims, they are not staffing for these situations.
>>They do not even cut away from CBS network during breaks.
>>I heard Bill Whitney (network anchor) redoing promos.
>Wasn't saying WBZ Radio is perfect.  But on the weekend, they at least do 
>not do info-mercials in prime time like another station in the market 
>which purports to be news-talk.  Agreed, they went right to the network, 
>and agreed, in this era of media consolidation, they rely on some of the 
>WBZ TV staff reporters.  I'd love to have heard  WBZ Radio use John 
>Henning or Gary LaPierre give commentary on the news today but 
>realistically, most stations don't call in their "big guns" on a Sunday 
>unless there is some dire emergency.  Everybody worked overtime (and 
>really long shifts too) during the September 11-12 time frame, as those 
>events unfolded.  I am certain that, had these events occurred on a 
>Sunday, lots of reporters would have gotten called in...