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Re: attacks on Afghanistan have begun

Donna wrote:
>>My point was that WBZ even on weekends doesn't have 
hour long shows that shill for homeopathic products or 
promote restaurants (no offence to those who like such 
shows...). <<

 Um, Donna... there was/is that Mattress infomercial 
that had/has been running on WBZ, Sunday evenings, 9ish, 
that was pre-empting Neil/Neal Chayette (sp?).  i'm sure 
you've had this experience as well: when it comes to 
certain programming or shows, those of us who are even 
remotely "involved" in radio get an ear-full from 
family/friends who kvetch that their favorite program 
wasn't on or that they don't like "so&so" as the host of 
a certain show.  when WBZ was selling mattresses, i 
heard from many area "listeners" (my sister, mother-in-
law, wife's uncle, and a few others) who had a problem 
with no Looking At The Law. 

- -Chuck Igo