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Re: WJIB's homepage?

On 6 Oct 2001, at 11:58, Eli Polonsky wrote:

> Though I'm not a big easy listening fan it's unfortunate to see/hear that
> WJIB is no longer in AM stereo. The only AM stereo signals still  currently
> on the Boston daytime dial are WBZ-1030 and WILD-1090.

I didn't know that WJIB was no longer in AM stereo.  When did this 
> Elsewhere on the 'net I've seen people complaining that Clear Channel is
> unplugging the stereo on all AM stations that they purchase nationwide even
> if they are music formats. I'm curious whether anyone knows their rationale
> for this? I doesn't seem that AM stereo effectively reduces the stations'
> range or fringe reception the way FM stereo can.

Actually, I'm not surprised, since AM stereo receivers are just about 
impossible to come by.  I don't know how much it costs to broadcast in 
AM stereo, but with no audience for it, the cost would have to be 
essentially trivial to make it worthwhile.  And I doubt that the equipment 
and maintenance of it is trivial.  In fact, I would imagine that 
maintenance of equipment could become a problem with a technology 
that has gone the way of the Betamax.

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