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Re: WJIB's homepage?

On LTAR a few weeks ago Bob still mentioned 250 watts.

Though I'm not a big easy listening fan it's unfortunate to see/hear that 
WJIB is no longer in AM stereo. The only AM stereo signals still  currently 
on the Boston daytime dial are WBZ-1030 and WILD-1090.

In addition to those three, I recall AM stereo on WICE-550, WLKW-790, 
WCRN-830, WJLT-1060, WMEX-1150, WORC-1310, WRCA-1330, WSRO-1470 and 
WNRB-1510 (though not all at the same time). Those frequencies are all back 
to mono, though a few of them are still musical programming.

Elsewhere on the 'net I've seen people complaining that Clear Channel is 
unplugging the stereo on all AM stations that they purchase nationwide even 
if they are music formats. I'm curious whether anyone knows their rationale 
for this? I doesn't seem that AM stereo effectively reduces the stations' 
range or fringe reception the way FM stereo can.

Eli Polonsky

>Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 09:33:58 -0700
>From: "Russ Butler" <oldradio@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Re: WJIB's homepage?
>The < homepad >link does work, however there is a message to "click below"
>to hear the WJIB jingles that I do not see - only the e-mail link.  Am I
>missing something on my screen?
>Also, (besides the typo in the copy on the web page,) isn't WJIB's daytime
>power now 1Kw and
>5 w nighttime?  Thanks.
>Russ   oldradio@earthlink.net

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