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Re: Station ID's (was wxlo uses..)

There may not be much to do there and not too many people with whom to do
whatever it is, but there's a lot of "there" to do it in. I think I've heard
that the land area of Aroostook county is larger than that of the whole
state of Connecticut--maybe larger than CT and RI combined. You may indeed
have to go all the way to Nevada to find another county with such great land
area. Aroostook County is the entire northern part of Maine. I'm not sure
how far north you have to go from Bangor to reach it. If I recall, Aroostook
goes a little further south on the west side than on the east.

Someone who is really from Maine can probably supply the proper wording of
the following story, which provides some insight into what people do in
Aroostook County: A big city feller was asking a Mainer how come anybody put
up with living in Aroostook County, considering how long and cold the winter
nights were. The Mainer replied that the primary reason the population had
not dropped to zero was those very same long, cold, winter nights.

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> What is there to do up there? Hell...for that matter, where IS Aroostook
> County?