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RE: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

And...where's there's no UPN or WB affiliate, I could see an out-of-market
station still being picked up.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> > Paul Hopfgarten said:
> > I believe that as we move foward, we will see
> > less and less out-of-market cable systems carrying WSBK.
> Score a step in the opposite direction here on the Syracuse University
> campus. (Which, is really just Time Warner Cable of Syracuse
> service.) After
> in January WNYS flipped from "UPN 43" into "WB 43" an imported
> feed of WPIX
> quickly became near-useless with all WB content blacked out. While I was
> back in MA for summer, WPIX was out and WSBK was in. In the same lineup
> shift, WGN's "Entertaining America" feed was added to the system as well.
> Interestingly, blockages of WSBK content have been spotty. The
> 10pm rerun of
> Entertainment Tonight is disallowed, but the 6pm Wheel/Jeopardy! hour is
> coming in untouched.
> Ben