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RE: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

> Paul Hopfgarten said:
> I believe that as we move foward, we will see
> less and less out-of-market cable systems carrying WSBK.

Score a step in the opposite direction here on the Syracuse University
campus. (Which, is really just Time Warner Cable of Syracuse service.) After
in January WNYS flipped from "UPN 43" into "WB 43" an imported feed of WPIX
quickly became near-useless with all WB content blacked out. While I was
back in MA for summer, WPIX was out and WSBK was in. In the same lineup
shift, WGN's "Entertaining America" feed was added to the system as well.

Interestingly, blockages of WSBK content have been spotty. The 10pm rerun of
Entertainment Tonight is disallowed, but the 6pm Wheel/Jeopardy! hour is
coming in untouched.