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Re: Station ID's (was wxlo uses..)

I live about 4 hour south of Aroostook County.  There is a lot to do there
if you are an outdoors types.   Lots of beautiful woods and lakes.  Good
hunting and fishing.

The area has been economically depressed since Loring Air Force Base was
closed in 1994.  The area's population has dropped considerably in the last
decade.  The mall that Adam mentioned was built to serve Canadian shoppers
but the Canadians started collecting taxes on shoppers at the borders and
the mall ended up in foreclosure.

The southeastern part of the county is potato country with lots of open,
flat potato fields.  The western part of the county is heavily wooded and
thinly populated.  The most northern part of the county, the Saint John
Valley, has a paper mill and many French speakers.  I can remember eating
lunch at McDonald's in Fort Kent one day and noticing that everyone else in
the restaurant was speaking French.

The area outside of Ft. Kent, St. Agatha down to Eagle Lake, is some of the
most beautiful country in Maine.  Rolling hills and pretty lakes.

Aroostook County is a great place to live, if you don't need a job.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine