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RE: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

I think it's clearly a case of an explosion of 'Cable Only' networks, where
20 years ago, Cable needed to seek out the 'Superstations' and "neighbor
Market' affiliates to fill out it's 'lineup.

Also, back then, many network affiliates preempted their lineups for Sports
or other local shows, so in the 'non-UHF independent-laden' areas, having
that neighboring market ABC/CBS/NBC affiliate made a lot more sense.

With the advent of the NESNs of the world, those sports do not appear on the
network affiliates nearly as often, hence we do not see network programming
preempted nearly as much as 20+ years ago. (38 works it's B's programming
AROUND the UPN schedule, Sox do preempt FOX on 25, but that doesn't happen
in the 'sweeps' months, two of the 3 being outside baseball season anyways,
and the C's aren't even on Broadcast TV any more!

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

(Always PO'ed when Boston AND Providence ABC stations preempted an ABC
program, that didn't get picked up on 38 or 56, that I had to watch on a
VERY snowy Ch 9 back in the 70's when I lived in Randolph MA...and even MORE
PO'ed when the same happened on CBS or NBC, where I could not pick up
Hartford/Springfield or Portland ME affils)

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> Sometimes it's not clear what's the local affiliate.  For example, I
> live in Barre MA, technically in the Boston market, but is closer to
> Springfield.  We get two ABC (WCVB and WGGB), two Fox (WFXT and WTIC)
> and two NBC (WHDH and WWLP), not counting the three PBS affiliates,
> which is normal on most systems.
> If a cable system close to Boston wanted to carry an out-of-town ABC
> affiliate, for example, would they be allowed to?  Would WCVB have to
> object first?  Years ago it was common to have more than one network
> affiliate in the lineup, but perhaps it's more a matter of limited
> channel capability that it's not often done now.
> Paul