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Re: Lowell Spinners Owner Angry Over WCCM Sale

I'm sure struggling "Eagle/Costa Communications" would not want to unload
WCCM to someone who would compete with their remaining stations for

Selling WCCM to the Diocese is great...in that they know that the diocese
won't be calling on area advertisers to buy commercials, and chance taking
ad dollars away from his remaining crappy stations.


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Subject: Lowell Spinners Owner Angry Over WCCM Sale

>   An article in today's (10/6) edition of the Lowell Sun states that Drew
> Weber, owner of the Lowell Spinners baseball team is very upset by the
> announced sale of WCCM to the Archdiocese of Boston. WCCM has carried
> Spinners games for the past 3 seasons. Weber said that he wanted to buy
> station but was told when he spoke with station co-owner Pat Costa in
> February that the station was not for sale. The article states that the
> Archdiocese of Boston and Costa/Eagle Broadcasting were in talks to sell
> WCCM since February.Weber also stated he was ready to pay more that the
> million being paid by the Archdiocese.
>    Weber also wants to know how Costa/Eagle will honor the last year of
> 3 year contract to carry Spinners games. The article states that the
> Spinners now have the option to have it's broadcasts transfered to  one of
> Costa/Eagle's 2 remaining stations: WNNW or WHAV. Legally, night games
> be able to be broadcast on WNNW (1110 Salem NH) and WHAV"s (1490
> night signal doesn't exist far beyond downtown Lawrence on a good night.
>    That leaves only one station left to pick up the Spinners games: WCAP.
> But will  WCAP owner Maurice Cohen bend to the Spinners' demands that the
> team chooses it's game announcers? Or will Drew Weber make an offer to buy
> WCAP? And can Drew Weber seek any legal recourse against Costa/Eagle if
> can't honor the last year of the contract? Should be quite interesting to
> see how this plays out.
> BTW:This article does not appear on the Lowell Sun's website unfortunetly.
> Mark Watson

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