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Re: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

On Saturday, October 6, 2001, at 03:45 AM, Tony Randazzo wrote:

> My question is, if anyone can clarify this, isn't it
> illegal for a cable system to carry an out of town
> station when a local affilate is availble?

Sometimes it's not clear what's the local affiliate.  For example, I 
live in Barre MA, technically in the Boston market, but is closer to 
Springfield.  We get two ABC (WCVB and WGGB), two Fox (WFXT and WTIC) 
and two NBC (WHDH and WWLP), not counting the three PBS affiliates, 
which is normal on most systems.

If a cable system close to Boston wanted to carry an out-of-town ABC 
affiliate, for example, would they be allowed to?  Would WCVB have to 
object first?  Years ago it was common to have more than one network 
affiliate in the lineup, but perhaps it's more a matter of limited 
channel capability that it's not often done now.