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RE: USAffairs??

Oh.. so I suppose they are gonna come and get me and get rid of my screen
names on aol and prodigy? i'm not a spammer.. i made a mistake.. dang .. You
just want me to get off the list, and you are encouraging everyone else to
hate me. You want them to report me to my ISP. What the heck do you think
GROUP FROM GETTING THE USAFFAIRS STUFF. You have really annoyed me. By
telling people where to go to get me in trouble is bad. Just leave me alone
and don't annoy me. If i get my sn taken away, I will have a long talk with
you. If you don't get me mad, I won't get you mad. I am really mad and this
on top of everything else... ugh im real mad. don't talk bad about me or
dont do nething to hurt me again. That really hurts my heart. I am 13 years
old. I'm not spamming the dang list. I AM 13 YEARS OLD.. I wouldn't do that
anywayz cuz when my friends send me fwd's i get a lil' annoyed. And i would
never spam. I want to stay out of trouble, and I do in school and in the
neighborhood. If my parents know what you said, I might not get to ever use
the computer again. I have real difficult parents, and If they find out I'm
starting conflicts.. well ya know i'll be in a lot of trouble. that's all i
got to say. im on at 1:30 cuz i had a half day @ school today. ~adam

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I reported the sender to his ISP using Spam Cop (http://www.spamcop.net) ; I
recommend everyone else to do the same.

Take care,