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Re: USAffairs??

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From: "Adam Rivers" <adamrivers@prodigy.net>

> im glad you think that. you know, im just interested in radio and stuff.
> going to leave this list, because obviously the majority of folks dont
> me ~adam

Reading your responses that you apparently wrote as you read the individual
comments on the list was painful.  Some of us on the list have a tendency to
have a knee-jerk reaction and to act before really thinking what we're
saying.  I suppose, too, that we're all still a bit on the edge from the
events of last month and a bit jumpy.

I really doubt that a majority of the folks on the list have any issue with
your presence.  Most radio folks started much the way you are doing right
now - peering through the glass window at the man in the booth.  That's
pretty much what we all are doing on this list.

The incident with the mailing list was a goof.  You handled it well and took
corrective action immediately.  I think even the most hard-boiled of those
who were quick to jump on you will admit that.

I hope that you will stay on the list.  Please keep reading and adding your

If your folks have concerns, I, and I suppose a few others, will be happy to
draft up a note of explanation along with an encouragement that they support
your interests.  Don't give up your dreams.


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