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Re: 1010 AM

The transmitter for KSFO 560 is located in the S.F. Bayview Section, just N.W.
of the ex-Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard on the west side of the bay, on Burke
Avenue. This is off the N/S artery"Third Street" which follows the westerly bay
shoreline from a little south of the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.  I visited the site
in 1989. A call to the eng. department directed me to the site. Two
self-supporting towers.
I have a map of the day and night coverage courtesy of the same engineering

Ron Gitschier

Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Garrett: I happen to have been _in_ San Francisco (as a tourist with my
> parents) on the day in August 1951 when what _had_ been KCBS 740 San Jose
> Back in those days, KSFO operated with 5 kW-D/1 kW-N ND-U from a site on the
> waterfront on the east side of downtown San Francisco.