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RE: AM 740 not doing Legal ID

On 3 Sep 2001, at 10:39, Stephen Pickford (new account wrote:

> Canadian stations are SUPPOSED to legally ID at the top of the air.  Some,
> like Montreal's CINW 940, often "forget" to do such, although 940's
> "forgetfulness" has recently been rectified with the recent appointment of
> John Hayes, he of WNBC fame, who issued the directives to Kevin Metheny to
> state "W-NNNN-B-C" as often as possible, as President of Corus
> Entertainment's radio properties.

I thought Canadian stations only had to ID at sign on and sign off.  I 
know that CBL rarely used to ID, at least in the evening when I was 
listening.  They used to ID only as "CBC, Toronto."  

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