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RE: AM 740 not doing Legal ID

On 3 Sep 2001, at 10:03, Adam Rivers wrote:

> I've been hearing a Canadian (I know its from Canada b/c I heard a
> commercial about Canadian book for money management or something).. on 740
> AM overnight.. that has not been doing station ID at all. I've been
> listening for hours at a time.. and all they say at the top of the hour is
> "You're listening to AM 740, Prime Time Radio". Does anyone here know what
> the call letters of that station may be?

AM 740 Prime Time Radio is CHWO-AM out of Toronto, occupying the former CBC 
AM frequency in Toronto.

Further information available at:


Canadian stations are SUPPOSED to legally ID at the top of the air.  Some, like 
Montreal's CINW 940, often "forget" to do such, although 940's "forgetfulness" has 
recently been rectified with the recent appointment of John Hayes, he of WNBC fame, 
who issued the directives to Kevin Metheny to state "W-NNNN-B-C" as often as 
possible, as President of Corus Entertainment's radio properties.

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