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Re: AM 740 not doing Legal ID

Are you sure that the Toronto 740 _is_ still CHWO? I know those were the
calls when the signal returned to the air earlier this year after being dark
for at least a year. Originally, the new owners had applied for CJPT but the
CRTC denied that for reasons I never heard. I think the co-owned former CHWO
(1250) was renamed CJOI (or something like that) to go with its religious
format. However, I read recently that the CHWO calls were back on 1250 and
740 is something else--maybe CJPT or maybe yet other calls. For sure, not
CBL, and probably not CJOI.

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> On 3 Sep 2001, at 10:03, Adam Rivers wrote:
> > I've been hearing a Canadian (I know its from Canada b/c I heard a
> > commercial about Canadian book for money management or something).. on
> > AM overnight.. that has not been doing station ID at all. I've been
> > listening for hours at a time.. and all they say at the top of the hour
> > "You're listening to AM 740, Prime Time Radio". Does anyone here know
> > the call letters of that station may be?
> >
> AM 740 Prime Time Radio is CHWO-AM out of Toronto, occupying the former
> AM frequency in Toronto.
> Further information available at:
> <http://www.odxa.on.ca/chwo.html>
> Canadian stations are SUPPOSED to legally ID at the top of the air.  Some,
> Montreal's CINW 940, often "forget" to do such, although 940's
"forgetfulness" has
> recently been rectified with the recent appointment of John Hayes, he of
WNBC fame,
> who issued the directives to Kevin Metheny to state "W-NNNN-B-C" as often
> possible, as President of Corus Entertainment's radio properties.
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