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RE: AM 740 not doing Legal ID

The candian regulations say this:

Identification of Broadcasting Undertakings
7.3.1 Pursuant to the Radiocommunication Regulations, Section 22 and
Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standard No 11 (BETS-11), the holder
of a Broadcasting Certificate shall identify by a voice announcement in
or French, giving the call sign by articulating each letter and number in
the call
sign, and the principal city or community that is served by the undertaking.
TV undertakings, the voice announcement may be replaced by a visual
announcement of not less than three seconds in duration that identifies the
sign and the principal city or community that is served by the undertaking.
announcement is to be made every hour, on the hour. Where a program is of
more than one hour in duration, the announcement shall be made within
10 minutes of the hour, except where it is necessary to retain the
continuity of a
program in its entirety without interruption, in which case the announcement
may be made at the beginning and at the end of the program.

So defintely the 740 operation up in Toronto isn't doing a legal id per CRTC
(that's the canadian FCC) regulations

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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I've been hearing a Canadian (I know its from Canada b/c I heard a
commercial about Canadian book for money management or something).. on 740
AM overnight.. that has not been doing station ID at all. I've been
listening for hours at a time.. and all they say at the top of the hour is
"You're listening to AM 740, Prime Time Radio". Does anyone here know what
the call letters of that station may be?

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