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RE: AM 740 not doing Legal ID

You may wanna check with Scott Fybush on this.  I
believe that, per the last legal ID discussion we had
on this list, this regulation has since been updated
to only reading the legal ID once a day in Canada.

                           Matt Osborne
                           Hyde Park, NY

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001 14:22:26  Hakim Madjid wrote:
> The candian regulations say this:


> the holder
> of a Broadcasting Certificate shall identify by a
> voice announcement in
> English
> or French, giving the call sign by articulating each
> letter and number in
> the call
> sign, and the principal city or community that is
> served by the undertaking.


> The
> announcement is to be made every hour, on the hour.
> Where a program is of
> more than one hour in duration, the announcement
> shall be made within
> 10 minutes of the hour, except where it is necessary
> to retain the
> continuity of a
> program in its entirety without interruption, in
> which case the announcement
> may be made at the beginning and at the end of the
> program.

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