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Re: this week in review

I don't know about now, but 35 or more years ago, radio hell (or heaven,
depending on your point of view) was Renovo, PA, about 25 miles west (I
think) of Williamsport. In those days, I don't think any FM signals reached
Renovo. And there was zero, zip, nada AM reception until near sunset. When I
visited Renovo in the early sixties, it was a very forlorn community whose
only industry seemed to be the railroad that passed through it. Every store
on the main street had closed. The population was about 3,000 and, despite
the obviously depressed economy, it was the smallest community east of the
Mississippi with a daily newspaper. In those days, people wanted news and if
they couldn't get it on the radio, they'd support a newspaper!

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> <<On Sat, 01 Sep 2001 06:00:44 -0400, Norm Rosen <inorm99@earthlink.net>
> > If there's a radio hell, it must be in Bangor
> Try Pierre, S.D.  (But at least you get to listen to full-service KFYR
> from Bismarck all day.)
> Or, for that matter, try Fort Kent, Maine, or Pittsburg, N.H.
> -GAWollman