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Re: this week in review

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Larry Weil wrote:

> >In reality there is very little duplication of formats
> >these days.  There is some overlap, to be sure,
> Well, that depends on how you view things.  I know that some people
> consider every little variance of rock music to be a separate format,
> but to me it seems there are a lot of stations playing rock and very
> few playing anything else.  To me, that is a lot of duplication and
> very little variety.

I disagree- it seems that there is a large and growing audience for
rock...... here in Bangor, we have my workplace, WKIT- playing mostly
classic rock with a regular rotation of some currents, nothing too heavy
though, but rock and blues-rock mostly and songs like "It's Been Awhile".
Currents are played 3-4 times an hour.

Clear Channel has 2 rock stations, one in Bangor and one in Augusta. WFZX
plays classic rock only, and plays much less of a variety then we ever
have with a very corperate orientated playlist (WKIT plays a lot of songs
I've never heard a classic rock station play, but they are still top
requested songs here) but there are people that prefer the same 3-4 songs
from Zeppelin, ACDC etc and minus the mellower rock like Elton John,
etc.......then there's WTOS in Augusta/Skowhegan.....they play about
35-40% classic rock with modern rock taking the rest of the clock.....and
they will play the old metallica, tool, godsmack, pink floyd,
etc.........and keep it pretty heavy. All three of thse stations did a
decent job in the ratings, I was worried that with all that rock there
wasn't enough of an audience to make things work well.

And once the school year starts this week, WHSN, the Husson College
station operated by the New England School of Communications, will be
broadcasting once again, playing alternative rock.....so there's a fourth
station with a rock format.....