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Re: this week in review

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Larry Weil wrote:

> Yea, but what are you disagreeing with?  I said there's little being played
> except various forms of rock, and you go on to cite a number of stations
> playing rock and not one playing anything else.
> I never said there wasn't a demand for rock.  Just go back and read what I
> wrote.  I wasn't talking about demand, I was talking about the lack of much
> else.

I misunderstood what you were saying sorta but I got the basic point. I
The Bangor market has too many stations, I've never honestly been a big
fan of this market other then the station I currently work at, but
probably because I grew up with Portland radio.

We have 2 top 40 stations, 4-5 different country stations,, 2 oldies
stations..... Country and rock DO dominate the market, but mostly
country- between the Bangor stations and the ones from outside of Bangor
that you can pick up it seems that when you flip through the radio dial,
the majority of it is country. In addtion to the rock channels, Coast
102.5 (forget the call letters) a former Gpher Hill tunred Clear CHannel
station is also more of a rock station. And there is also WEZQ and Kiss
which play more of a light rock variety, or Kiss is more or less
80's through today, two main AM stations, one is nostalgia/talk (WABI) and
the other is all sports (WZON) so beleive me, we are really far from radio
hell. I prefer hte choice in Portlannd, but I gained a lot more respect
for Bangor radio when I was staying in Houlton, the choices up ithere are
barely even choices. WHOU has no format as far as I can tell, they seem to
play EVERYTHING...... and the other stations are pop/top  40 or
country.....and there aren't too kmany stations at all. WREM last that I
knew still played rock, but rock on an AM station only goes so far.....

all the best,