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Bill O remembered...
>>Gordon MacAdams (now production somewhere in
Boston) was a really funny and talented morning host for a run and MD
(straight to the big chair from Sunday evenings).  I still recall his
meticulously labeled carts, sfx, music logs, etc.<<


   The G-Man is safely ensconsed in Production Studio 1 at 55 Morrissey
Blvd.  His level of funny is still way up there, as his total appreciation
of kitsch.  A twenty-five cent tour of the facility is not complete without
a few extra moments of appreciation of his Beatle Lunch Boxes, his Mad
Magazine collection, or the hanging display of radio station t-shirts
bearing call letters long since lost.  To sum up Gordon, in the words of
Harry Nelson (the former WROR PD), "one cracked individual."
    oh yeah, his production is wicked good, too!  but his cart labeling
skills are on the wane, thanks to digital storage and playback.

- -Chuck Igo