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Local Radio News (Was Re :Manchester, NH 7-5-0 AM Coming to a radio dial near you?

  Dave Faneuf wrote:

> when I first started out in
> news I was part of an 8 person news team at WLLH, >WCAP (our cross town
> rivals) had at least 5 or 6 news people (even though >they were only a
> daytimer back then

  Now WCAP is down to one full time newsperson and one part timer on Sat
mornings, plus Gary Francis filling in on the newsdesk as needed. No local
news at all on Sundays.

   Along with Dave Faneuf, I too recall the large news staffs at both WCAP
and WLLH. Both did an outstanding job on keeping up with local news 7 days a
week. The WCAP "That 60's Newswagon" (mid-60's model Plymouth Fury wagon)
and WLLH's van (various Dodge vans new every couple of years IIRC) would
frequently show up at news stories and a live report via phone or 2 -way
radio a common occurence.

  A few of the names from the  Lowell radio newsrooms of the past that I can
recall off the top of my head:

  WCAP: Fred Faust, Bill Smith, Scott Fybush, Mary Blake, Joe Abrams, and
Dave Faneuf of course ( 2 tours of duty at 243 Central St, as well as his
tour at WLLH).

  WLLH: Tom Clayton, Ron Gamache, Bill Haddock, Al Freeman,  Brian McCarthy
and Win Damon.

  I can tell you that a few of these folks named above went on to bigger
markets after their stay in Lowell. Al Freeman was with Mutual/NBC radio
news for many years, where is he now I wonder? Bill Smith and Mary Blake
were with WRKO/WROR (98.5 version) news for several years. And Dave Faneuf
has spent several years in Boston, now at WBUR. Win Damon is Sales Manager I
believe at WNBP in Newburyport MA, a station he once owned for a few years
until selling a couple of years back. Of course we all know that Scott
Fybush is still involved in the biz providing his talents for audio, video
and writing services.

Out of the radio biz: Fred Faust (now involved as co-owner of a commercial
real estate/ development firm in Lowell), Joe Abrams has been retired for
many years and still in the Lowell area, IIRC. Ron Gamache is now a sergeant
on the Chelmsford MA police dept. Brian McCarthy is a freelance photographer
in the Lowell area.

Mark Watson