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Re: Local Radio News (Was Re :Manchester, NH 7-5-0 AM Coming to a radio dial near you?

Mark Watson remembers <jingle fades>
>   A few of the names from the  Lowell radio newsrooms of the past
that I can
> recall off the top of my head:
>   WCAP: Fred Faust, Bill Smith, Scott Fybush, Mary Blake, Joe
Abrams, and
> Dave Faneuf of course ( 2 tours of duty at 243 Central St, as well
as his
> tour at WLLH).

<Harp SFX>

Fred Hoskins, ND and AM teamed with John Tucker (sports and morning
anchor went to 1200 in Framingham).  Then, talk about a power line-up
in AM: Ed Coleman (sports - went to CBS radio, later WNBC --> WFAN)
teamed in AM drive with aforementioned Mary Blake & Bill Smith (TWO
news anchors, no waiting) and Chuck Morgan (jock) (in between his
Boston gigs on the way to Manchester). That was the first incarnation
of the "Morning Information Team."

At one time I think the news dept. was up to seven or eight FTEs and
ran live on the hour 24/7.  I actually did some overnight casts in
college during King (Mutual with 1:45 window in top and 1:15 bottom).
During automation (leading up to '81) news were actually the
operators, not the jocks (which grew in number as live-assist took
over and eventually displaced automation.)

Other news I recall, Bill Kennedy, Barry Pretzel, Chris Ingram (yep,
Dan's boy - wound up at WEEI (590 Boston) then NY someplace), Ken
Ozoonian, Julie Stinneford (uses name Sider at Metro).

<HARP SFX> (Not to be confused with the grain beverage)

Bill O'Neill