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Re: Manchester, NH 7-5-0 AM Coming to a radio dial near you?

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:25:47 -0400 "Dan C." <dwcole@mediaone.net> writes:
> At one time there were six different 
> news departments, of varying size, operating in the seacoast...all 
> providing a decent level of local news coverage.  The radio news 
> coverage in the seacoast is only a shell of what it once was.
> Dan Cole

That can be said of any market in this area,  when I first started out in
news I was part of an 8 person news team at WLLH, WCAP (our cross town
rivals) had at least 5 or 6 news people (even though they were only a
daytimer back then).  You can look at Boston as another example of radio
news that is only a shell of what it once was as well.  I suppose someone
on this list can look back at Worcester and Manchester as well and draw
the same conclusion.