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Yup, NNZ protects 640 in Cherry Hill NJ(which has been, and may still be off
the air), St Johns, Newfoundland, and I think, one in
Ontario -Toronto?CFOG?, WPRO, and the CP for WBSO, and probably a couple

Mark Casey

From: <dan.strassberg@att.net>
 However, there is another AM 640 that also runs 50 kW
> days--this one in southern NJ (it's now Radio Disney for
> Philadelphia), and WNNZ probably had to be designed to
> protect it (WNNZ must not deliver more than 25
> microvolts/meter to the NJ station's 0.5 mV/m contour).
> WNNZ also had to be designed to protect WPRO, which was
> mentioned in the previous postings on this topic.
> And don't forget the never-built and now long-deleted CP
> for a station on 650 in Clinton MA. It was that CP, at
> least as much as WPRO, that necessitated nulling WNNZ's