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Re: NYC FMs..


Try 98.7 & 97.1.
98.7 is WRKS-a mix of old & new R&B/Classic Soul geared toward adults, while
97.1 is popular/hip hop.
They are the easiest to get in Spfld area. I have a fixed  antenna pointed
toward NYC here in Hampden and can always get, but not always very well,
WRKS at 98.7 (my personal favorite station)
One of the reasons that NYC FM's are not easy is that because of their
height on the World Trade Center & Empire State Building, they operate with
lower actual power. Somewhere around 6kw for the equivalent of a 50kw
station at a lower antenna height.
WRKS has gradually changed from WOR-FM in the 70's with and old/new mix to
WXLO in the early 80's to WRKS in the 90's. The format made gradual changes
all along the way more and more toward the R&B/Classic Soul direction.
WOR-FM was the first station in NYC to achieve a #1 12+ rating in the NYC
market in the early 70's.

Mark Casey

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Subject: NYC FMs..

> I am frustrated because I can NEVER get New York City FM stations and I do
> not know why not. I always check my "hot spots" where I typically get far
> away radio stations while DXing.. typically 92.1-92.3, 94.1-94.3,
> 96.7-97.7, 98.5-98.9, 99.5-100.3, 101.5-101.7, 102.3-102.7, 103.1-103.9,
> 104.3-105.7, 106.1-106.7, 107.1, 107.5-107.9..... and there are several
> stations in those hot spots, but i can never get any.. can someone here
> explain to me WHY?
> -Adam
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