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I am frustrated because I can NEVER get New York City FM stations and I do
not know why not. I always check my "hot spots" where I typically get far
away radio stations while DXing.. typically 92.1-92.3, 94.1-94.3, 95.3-95.5,
96.7-97.7, 98.5-98.9, 99.5-100.3, 101.5-101.7, 102.3-102.7, 103.1-103.9,
104.3-105.7, 106.1-106.7, 107.1, 107.5-107.9..... and there are several NYC
stations in those hot spots, but i can never get any.. can someone here
explain to me WHY?


Adam Rivers- Chicopee, MA
I like: hiking, Radio DXing, weather watching, going online, talking/hanging
out with friends.. Living, dying and breathing Red Sox/Celtics..
I don't like: being called "cutie" or "sweetie"... Ichiro Suzuki.. New York
sports teams... watching the Red Sox lose.. long drives.
Quotes: "If you jumped off a bridge I wouldnt jump with you i'd be at the
bottom to catch you".. "A girl is 4ever- so make sure you find the right
one".. I love you Kristin!