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We're probably splittin' hairs here but... The Hahns owned 1570 and applied
for 640. After a long process and a battle with a competing applicant in
East Greenbush NY,, they recieved the grant for 640 but they could not (at
least at that point in time) continue to operate 1570 along
with 640. when 640 went on, the 1570 was shut off and the license was turned
in. When the switch was made ,they changed formats, but continued to operate
out of the same studios on Union St in Westfield for several years.

You're Both Right! It was sort of a continuation in some ways and not in


COL was and still is, Westfield.

I think Curt used to enjoy the occassional times when he'd say "Hello to our
Albany listeners" after cranking up to 50 kw in the morning.

Mark Casey

From: <dan.strassberg@att.net>

> Although I am not certain of the facts, I beg to differ.
> As I recall, the disappearance of the 1570 signal and
> the appearance of the 640 signal coincided, and I don't
> think it was a coincidence. It's quite possible that the
> owner of 1570 applied for and was granted a move to 640
> and a (big) power increase, but that funds to build the
> 640 CP were unavailable, so the CP was sold. If that is
> what happened, the 640 license would indeed be a
> continuation of the 1570 license.
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> > WNNZ was not
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