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Manchester, NH 7-5-0 AM Coming to a radio dial near you?

I seen in http://www.geocities.com/amlogbook/changes.htm this morning,
updated a couple of days ago, posted by International Radio Club of
America's President, Lee Freshwater of FL,  that there is a "New Station
Grant" for 750AM in Manchester, New Hampshire. Anyone know something about
this. And just a week or so ago I was saying that it was interesting to see
that the Portsmouth, NH 750 WHEB license was turned in. I was told that it
was because they were only simulcasting the FM (and seen no use in having
it, I deducted). Perhaps they should of sold it and unloaded the burden of
paying the electric bill every month on the 750. Or would of made a nice
fill-in for our collegue, Bob Bittner to complement his 740/730 holdings. 

Then maybe move the 740 to Portsmouth (or somewhere between there and
Boston) and sign off the 730 and  750...  and still maintain marginally
close to the same range he has with 740/730? It would cut his commuting time
between sticks.


Ron Gitschier