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This week's LTAR

A woman who was an in-studio guest of Bob and Donna
on this week's "Let's Talk About Radio" said she
listened to Mac Davis when she was in California
(and also online). Well, Mac was doing a Sunday
night country-oldies show for KZLA in L.A. for awhile,
but they got rid of him last fall, I believe.
A shame, as it was a nice showcase of older country
tunes (not often heard on radio), and it was fun to
hear Mac and his co-host (his wife?) banter. I've
heard airchecks of the show.

Also, the question "what do not you like about radio"
(or "what would you change?") was asked. For me,
I hate long commercial breaks. Whether listening to
music, sports, or talk, the ad breaks ("stop sets",
I think they're called?) can seem endless-- and of
course if you try to change the station, you find
THEY'RE running a long set of ads themselves.
(Maybe the "other" station is co-owned, and they
plan it that way...) 

Non-commercial stations can be a good alternative
in that respect-- at least when they're not doing

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