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RE: 1570 Westfield (Was: RE: Thanks )

Ah, yes. Thanks for your point, Garrett. 1570 was a daytimer indeed and I
didn't consider that when posing that question. 

That was a clever move with Langner's 1050/650! Any similar eamples of that
move out there?? 


Ron Gitschier
Offshore, FL Straits

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> From:	Garrett Wollman [SMTP:wollman@khavrinen.lcs.mit.edu]
> EM1 GITCHIER  said:
> > why no one opened up the freq? I don't think ANYONE is on that freq in
> > Canada at night anymore
> Canada never releases AM allocations.  As far as the working
> arrangement between the FCC and the CRTC is concerned, 1570 is still
> allocated for a 50-kW station in Laval.  1570 Westfield could never be
> reactivated because the current FCC rules do not permit the
> establishment of daytime-only stations (where daytime-only is defined
> as any station entitled to less than 250 W at night).  That's why Alex
> Langer moved 1050 Peterborough (is that tower still there?) to 650
> Ashland -- even though it was a ``major change'', he wasn't trying to
> create a *new* daytimer in the FCC's eyes.
> -GAWollman