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RE: 1570 Westfield (Was: RE: Thanks )

1570 in Beverley holds a CP for 500W-N using three or 
four towers at night. 1570 in Westfield is definitely 
technically possible under current regulations--provided 
that a suitable site for a DA could be found.

As for no new AMs with night powers of less than 250W 
equivalent into a minimum-efficiency antenna, why then 
has the FCC allowed many stations that once operated 
with night powers of more than 250W (in most cases 500W 
or more) to reduce night power to significantly less 
than 250W?

I think that in all such cases, the station made a 
showing that it could find no transitter site from which 
it could operate at night with 250W equivalent or more. 
One such station that recently received a license to 
cover is on 620 in Irwin PA (formerly on 620 in 
Greensburg PA with either 1 kW-D/500W-N DA-2 or 5 kW-
D/500W-N DA-2; I don't remember the day power 
immediately before the move to Irwin.)

I suppose that the FCC employs some convoluted reasoning 
to show that it doesn't maintain a double standard. The 
Commission won't grant new stations with night powers of 
less than 250W but it will allow existing stations to 
downgrade to low night powers so that the stations can 
keep their licesnses while converting their their 
transmitter sites to cash.
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> 1570 Westfield could never be
> reactivated because the current FCC rules do not permit the
> establishment of daytime-only stations (where daytime-only is defined
> as any station entitled to less than 250 W at night).  That's why Alex