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Re: CUMULUS in Bangor, ME

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> maybe i am gonna sound like a dopeslap for not knowing
> this, but has anyone heard about the cumulus cluster
> in bangor being up for sale?

Wow Clear Channel Boy.......first I've heard of that :)

I haven't heard a thing, although it wouldn't suprise me.....the company
is still not in nearly as good of a shape as they were before their stock
fell so far....when I was working over there is was somewhere between $1
and $2 a share and I think there are around $8 now, they were selling off
various clusters left and right....teh Augusta/Waterville share being sold
to Cumulus happened during this time....that was abck while I was working
for them.....while they haven't had a lot of sales recently, in a way it
wouldn't suprise me.

But on the other hand, it would suprise me in a way because WBZN and WQCB
are right at the top of teh ratings, but that could mean big money too.
There was rumor of some talks with Citadel while I was there, so if anyone
buys them I'd think it would most likely be Citadel...