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Re: Coverage of Williams firing

Sean Smyth wrote:

> Sure does. Nonetheless WTIC is owned by Infinity and I am sure the folks in
> Bristol (read: Disney) have some say about how things work at WPOP, even if
> it's only as the network providing programming to 1410.
> WPOP is a Clear Channel station, and CC has a strategic alliance with Fox
> Sports Radio.  CC could concieveably dump ESPN for Fox Sports at any time.
> At this point, ESPN is glad that they have a local affiliate, and I think
> they have little to no input into what goes on at 1410.  In turn, I don't
> think CC really cares too much if ESPN personalities appear on WTIC.  I'm
> sure ESPN is paying them to run their programming over Fox's, and as long as
> the checks clear, that all CC cares about.
> Mike Thomas