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Re: Coverage of Williams firing

Mr. Waters writes:
> Rob Dibble has been on WTIC (AM) before. To its
> credit, WTIC pays no attention to WPOP, with (last
> time I looked) a rating around 1 or
> zero-point-something. Makes it easy to rise above it,
> I suppose.

Sure does. Nonetheless WTIC is owned by Infinity and I am sure the folks in
Bristol (read: Disney) have some say about how things work at WPOP, even if
it's only as the network providing programming to 1410.

> Also, Joe D'Ambrosio does a lot more on WTIC than
> UConn play-by-play. Since Arnold Dean, the station's
> #1 sports guy since the '60s, cut back to a part-time
> schedule a couple years ago, they share doing the
> nightly 6-7 p.m. sports talk show about 50-50.

I really like Joe's work. To me, he sounds like he has the ideal job; doing
plenty of talk-show hosting and play-by-play. And not too much travel,
either, fortunately for him.