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Re: Coverage of Williams firing

--- Sean Smyth <Sportswriter@dejazzd.com> wrote:
> I know his dad worked forever for WTIC, but I am
> surprised ESPN would allow
> him [Rob Dibble] to appear there, given the fact his
> afternoon show airs up the
> dial at WPOP.
> Then again, I guess Joe D'Ambrosio also works for
> WTIC (granted, only doing
> play-by-play for UConn), so...

Rob Dibble has been on WTIC (AM) before. To its
credit, WTIC pays no attention to WPOP, with (last
time I looked) a rating around 1 or
zero-point-something. Makes it easy to rise above it,
I suppose.

Also, Joe D'Ambrosio does a lot more on WTIC than
UConn play-by-play. Since Arnold Dean, the station's
#1 sports guy since the '60s, cut back to a part-time
schedule a couple years ago, they share doing the
nightly 6-7 p.m. sports talk show about 50-50.
D'Ambrosio also does the sports news reports in PM
drive a lot of days, chats it up with the talk show
hosts, etc. Lately, they've taken to doing a set
segment at 5:15 where they talk with him or Dean about
sports for 5-10 minutes. He even talks about ESPN
occasionally. Sometimes he gets ESPN people on the
talk show as guests. 

D'Ambrosio's really part of the 'TIC family now -- a
couple weeks ago he started doing personal-endorsement
ads for some weight-loss program. He says he was sick
and tired of huffing-and-puffing up and down to the
UConn press booth. I've always thought those
weight-loss ads were more effective on radio than TV.
You can't see the people, but they sound so healthy :)

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