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Heat Wave Triggers Demise of the Elderly; WCRB Arbitrends(tm) Decline

Can this be a concidence?  First we experience the first prolonged
(for New England) heat wave in a a while...medical experts say these
are the conditions that cause the untimely demise of the elderly.
Then the most recent Arbitends(tm) show a nosedive in extremely dumbed-down
pseudo-classical WCRB-FM's ratings.  Gee...a whole cohort of people with
short-term memory loss (who don't realize that the music they're hearing
now was played only four weeks ago) plucked from the land of the living
just like that before they could fill out their diaries!
The last words they ever heard were: "Tracks to relax...relax...relax."
Thet're relaxing now all right.

Laurence Glavin

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