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Re: some atmospheric conditions?

You may have gotten WBEA/Southhold, NY on Long Island's east end.  This
station used to be soft AC WBAZ, but those calls and format moved to 102.5.
WBEA runs a hot AC format and recently moved to 101.7 from 104.7 in Montauk.
WBEA/101.7 uses the moniker "Beach Radio" and they probably play the Staind
track, so it could be them.

Mike Thomas

Adam Rivers wrote:

> I was also getting a classical station on 107.5, which one?? I think it was
> WFCC/Chatham, as the orientation was to the southeast. I got a station on
> 101.7 playing "it's been awhile" by Staind... I don't think it was FNX, FNX
> never comes in out here, and it certainly wasn't WBRK-Pittsfield.. the AC
> station........
> This was around 6:30